Jurgen Schmidt • Core Process Psychotherapy • Buddhist psychotherapy in Forest Row Core process psychotherapy
mindfulness based psychotherapy


  • Do I need to be a Buddhist to benefit from CPP?

    No, Buddhism provides me with a very useful ethical, spiritual, and psychological framework, but it doesn’t require you to adhere to its teachings or its commandments. The Buddha famously said “try it out for yourself”.

  • How do I understand whether this is right for me?

    We have a first ‘no-strings-attached’ session where we discuss your situation and the options available. I introduce the approach taken in Core Process Psychotherapy and we agree whether we give it a go.

  • What happens next?

    If we both feel that it is appropriate, then we will meet once a week for one session of 50 minutes, and continue as long as you consider it useful.

  • Are there any special rules?

    I usually prepare a contract, which spells out our mutual commitments, including how to deal with absences, breaks, cancellations etc.

  • How much do you charge?

    I apply a sliding scale. Depending on your personal circumstances, from a minimum of 50 UKP to a maximum of 85 UKP.

  • Where do you practice?

    I practice in Central London (WC2N 4EH) and in East Sussex (Forest Row)

  • My other commitments allow me only to see you early morning or late afternoon/ early evening. Is that possible?

    I always try to accommodate the person’s needs, within reason.

  • How do I contact you?

    Either by email, at jurgen.schmidt.kukac.btinternet.com , or by phone, at07769 658534